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The Bachelor of Arts in English provides a strong background in the study of English. The program stresses literary analysis, diversity, critical thinking, and written and oral communication skills through a rigorous curriculum of literature, composition, language and linguistics, and communication studies. Dec 07,  · Unsurprisingly, most English literature degrees, particularly in the UK, will start off with a focus on the literature of England. More specifically, courses will often go through historical examples of landmark literature such as the works of Geoffrey Chaucer and William Shakespeare, then perhaps introducing other lesser-known examples. Bachelor's Degree in English Language: Program Overview. Students enrolled in an English language bachelor's degree program can focus on many areas, such as linguistics, literature or education.

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Last Updated: Jan 30, The Bachelor of english literature language is highly versatile and is used almost universally across different bachelor of english literature and industries. The way we use it, and what we use it for, changes constantly. From the impact of the internet on language to the continuing relevance of Shakespeare, online English degree programs continue to evolve with the times. The motto of TheBestSchools. Here is how we do it:. A college or university is a complex entity, with numerous factors to consider, and distilling these down to the place where meaningful comparisons can be made to form a defensible ranking list becomes part science and part art.

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Based in Orlando, the University of Central Florida is one of the largest universities in the country, with a total enrollment of more than 66, students. The school is also home to a popular distance education program that includes an online English degree with tracks in literature and technical communication, bachelor of english literature.

Both degree pathways consist of credits and feature fully online courses with no required campus visits. The literature track explores the historical, social, cultural, and theoretical significance of fiction, poetry, plays, and nonfiction through close reading and analysis. Students develop skills in reading, writing, critical thinking, and argumentation by studying the history of literature and by examining periods and movements from the past several centuries.

Electives allow degree candidates to focus on specific time periods or countries, with courses like Gothic literature, Caribbean literature, post-World War II fiction, and Hispanic women writers. Online learners also complete at least one linguistics or theory course, such as feminist theory or modern English grammar.

The technical communication track offers many of the same courses but focuses more on the professional applications of writing for business, science, and other fields. Students gain a deeper understanding of practical writing processes through courses such bachelor of english literature technical writing style and literature of science and technology. Degree candidates complete several literature courses but electives emphasize rhetoric and composition, such as writing for the computer industry or writing for hypertext.

The University of Memphis is home to two fully online English degree programs : African American literature and professional writing. Both degrees build skills in written communication, reading, and analysis but do so using different areas of study.

The African-American literature concentration examines the historical, cultural, and artistic contexts of black literary movements, while the professional writing concentration builds skills related to the technical side of writing. Regardless of their concentration, bachelor of english literature candidates complete a credit program core, which includes three foundational literature courses in British literature toBritish literature sinceand American literature to Students complete the core by taking one of three bachelor of english literature introduction to linguistics, persuasive writing, or advanced composition.

Learners in the African-American literature track explore the development of black authors throughout history, moving through the Colonial Enlightenment and slave narratives into the Harlem Renaissance and beyond.

The professional writing track builds skills in technical writing, professional editing, bachelor of english literature, and online writing. Students gain a broad understanding of practical writing skills, with elective options that include web design, document design, and the publishing process.

The professional track also features an optional internship component that allows candidates to build experience in a professional writing environment. This fully online program requires no campus attendance and enrolls students from around the country. The core curriculum builds foundational knowledge in the field of literature, focusing on British and American literary traditions.

Finally, the major author component offers sustained study of canonical writers, such as Shakespeare, Chaucer, or other selected literary figures. Electives comprise the remainder of the English curriculum; students may take up to 36 English elective credits to fulfill their overall degree requirements. These courses focus on various topics, including genre, literary history, regional movements, and literary traditions. Classes that cover drama, comedy, poetry, journalism, and autobiography explore specific forms in greater depth, while classes in gay and lesbian literature, bachelor of english literature, post-colonial literature, and American women novelists highlight underrepresented writers.

Students can also pursue genre-specific courses, such as science fiction and fantasy, mystery writing, and the horror story. Students enrolled in the bachelor of arts in English program at the University of Illinois at Springfield benefit from a flexible, fully online format that offers a large degree bachelor of english literature self-paced learning.

The English department also works in conjunction with the Teacher Education Program at UIS, assisting candidates who plan to pursue teaching licensure alongside their online English degree. The English curriculum consists of 68—71 credits, including foundation courses, core courses, and several free and required electives.

The credit foundation component covers key topics like linguistics, world literature, British literature, and American literature. The credit core emphasizes literary study through courses such as rhetoric and composition in digital media, digital technologies in English studies, and research methods in English studies. Core courses run throughout the program and conclude with a capstone project where students apply their academic interests to a professional context, such as academic or commercial publishing.

Electives cover a variety of literary topics, with three required components that introduce degree candidates to genre, editing, and writing. Students select one course from several options for each of these components; for example, the genre section offers bachelor of english literature in poetry, fiction, drama, and film. Along with these required electives, students choose four additional or level courses in any area of literature. The program also emphasizes the literary contributions of women and other underrepresented bachelor of english literature. SMWC offers a fully online curriculum, with no required visits, and a primarily asynchronous delivery format that allows online learners to complete coursework at their convenience.

The undergraduate curriculum consists of total credits, bachelor of english literature, while the English major requires a minimum of 43 credits. The English curriculum includes introductory and advanced topics, giving students a broad overview of trends in literature alongside specialized studies focusing on different periods, bachelor of english literature, movements, and styles.

The project lasts two semesters, beginning with a three-credit preparation course and concluding with a one-credit thesis course. Enrolling over 25, bachelor of english literature, students through online courses, bachelor of english literature, Arizona State University is one of the largest distance education providers in the country.

The program positions fiction and nonfiction texts in social and historical contexts, emphasizing issues of literary representation, including race, ethnicity, class, and gender. ASU offers this degree entirely online, with no required campus visits. Students can choose from multiple enrollment dates throughout the year. This online English degree typically takes around four years of full-time study to complete, bachelor of english literature, although ASU also offers an accelerated bachelor of english literature that can be completed in just three years.

The English major includes just three required courses, offered at the beginning of the program: first year composition, advanced first year composition, and critical writing and reading about literature. This internship provides participants with experience in the submission, selection, and editing processes used to produce a literary magazine.

Fittingly, the school offers a strong distance education program that includes an online bachelor of arts in English. The English major curriculum includes core courses, electives, and a culminating liberal arts capstone. The credit core builds foundational skills in reading and includes two literature survey courses as well as classes that focus on the analysis and interpretation of literature. The credit elective component allows students to explore different literary movements, genres, and authors.

English majors choose from more than three dozen elective offerings, including courses that cover the American political novel, comic and satiric tradition, restoration drama, social protest literature, and the Augustan age. The English curriculum concludes with a three-credit liberal arts capstone course, which consists of a major project in an area of English selected by the student.

Learners have the option of completing a research project, creative project, or some combination of the two. One of the first schools to offer a fully accredited distance education program, the University of Colorado Denver now bachelor of english literature among the largest online learning providers in the western U. Unlike many other online English degrees, this program emphasizes the practice of effective writing and editing bachelor of english literature than the study of literature.

As such, the curriculum focuses on rhetoric and all types of composition, including general writing, professional writing, and creative writing. Courses can be completed entirely online or on campus, allowing students who live nearby to mix and match learning formats. The English writing major requires students to complete a minimum of 39 credits, with a program core that allows candidates to choose from several foundational courses, including introduction to writing studies, multimedia composition, language theory, and special topics in bachelor of english literature and writing.

Students then select three required elective courses from options such as technical writing, argument and logic, proposal and grant writing, and principles and practices of second language acquisition, bachelor of english literature.

Finally, students pick five additional electives in any area of language, literacy, bachelor of english literature, or digital media. English majors commonly carry out internships in the fields of business and advertising, publishing, entertainment, and journalism. Based in eastern North Dakota, Valley Bachelor of english literature State University hosts a bachelor of science in English education program that prepares graduates to serves as English teachers in secondary schools.

The program is available entirely online, and VCSU offers in-state tuition to all students, bachelor of english literature, regardless of their location. The degree requires students to complete a total of credits, split between general education requirements, the English major core, and a professional education sequence for secondary education majors. The English core consists of 42 credits and includes courses in language, composition, literature, and communication and media studies.

Learners must take classes from each of these areas. However, many of these components offer a selection of course options; for example, to fulfill the composition requirement, students can select from courses in media writing, public relations, technical and science writing, and literary publications. Additionally, the literature component includes required courses in American, English, and world literature alongside specialized classes such bachelor of english literature critical theory, bachelor of english literature, Shakespeare studies, and young adult reading and literature.

The teaching component features 32 credits of coursework, preparing degree candidates for teaching bachelor of english literature upon graduation. Aspiring educators learn about different perspectives of education and pedagogy, with classes such as educating exceptional students and understanding cultural diversity in education.

A significant portion of the curriculum is dedicated to hands-on learning, and all candidates must complete a four-credit practicum experience and a credit student teaching experience, both performed in a secondary school. The city of Riverside is home to California Baptist University, a private Christian liberal arts school that offers an online bachelor of arts in English.

This degree trains students to evaluate and analyze various forms of literature, emphasizing critical thinking and written communication. Offered in a fully online format designed to accommodate working students, the program uses primarily asynchronous delivery, giving learners the freedom to complete coursework at their convenience.

Graduates can pursue careers in various areas of writing, publishing, and editing or pursue graduate studies in related fields. CBU also offers an accelerated course format that allows some candidates to complete degree requirements bachelor of english literature as few as 16 months. Lower-division requirements consist of a bachelor of english literature of major global literary movements, including British literature, American literature, and world literature.

Upper-division courses introduce specialized topics surrounding the study of literature and languages, bachelor of english literature, such as literary theory and criticism, language structure and acquisition, and Shakespeare studies. Students complete nine additional upper-division electives, building advanced knowledge of specific literary movements, genres, or periods.

CBU also offers an optional creative writing concentration that requires learners to earn an additional 12 credits; this concentration enables students to explore varied compositional styles, including fiction, nonfiction, and poetry.


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bachelor of english literature


Your English degree courses include theory, linguistics, and composition, in addition to surveys of American and British literature. Introductory Courses To help students acclimate to the online classroom, you may be required to complete Introductory Course requirements. The Bachelor of Arts in English provides a strong background in the study of English. The program stresses literary analysis, diversity, critical thinking, and written and oral communication skills through a rigorous curriculum of literature, composition, language and linguistics, and communication studies. A bachelor’s degree in English literature will teach you how to read and analyze the written word with its rich context in mind. When you earn your English literature degree online, you’ll delve into the study of linguistics, rhetoric and theory within both historical and contemporary literature.